Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue is caused when the body becomes over stressed. It’s the adrenal glands role to produce cortisol in response to stress, if we become too stressed then the adrenal gland is unable to produce more cortisol and adrenal fatigue sets in.

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We've got access to 2 Questionnaires for you. You'll identify if you need an adrenal test or not, there's no point wasting your money on a test kit if you don't need to. Get access to 2 Questionnaires

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Salivary Harmone Test KitOrdering your Adrenal Test could not be simpler. On purchasing you will be sent by post a testing kit.

The kit contains full instructions and is very straight forward you will simply need to produce a saliva sample into one of the 4 test tubes (spit into the tube) at various times during the day.

Then the samples will be sent to the laboratory for analysis and results returned to me. I will analyse the results and forward them onto you. If required you can arrange a 30 min consultation ( in person or over the phone) to discuss your results

The test costs £99.97

include a 15 minute phone consultation.

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Adrenal test £99.97

Order your Adrenal test and follow up 30 min consultation £120.

Adrenal Test and Consultation £120

Vials6 Month Treatment Programme

If you're adrenal glands are fatigued because of your increased stress levels and you decide to continue more advanced treatment, the process takes 6 months and we go into detail to help identify the root causes of your stress and make appropriate changes. I don't believe in quick fixes and papering over the cracks that you might get if you visit your GP. GP's do some great work but often they don't have the time to help you get to the bottom of your problems.

The 6 month treatment plan looks like this

Month 1

Lifestyle Analysis and Questionnaire

This in depth survey helps identify what makes you tick, your motivations, day to day habits, working strategies, likes, dislikes and trends.  When we analyse the answers we can identify patters that can provide insights into your behaviours which may have been contributing to your symptoms

Symptom related questionnaire

This is a detailed questionnaire is  designed to find any imbalances in your body; it tackles all areas of the body, immune system, digestive function, neurotransmitter release.  It provides insight into areas of likely imbalance and importantly areas which may require further investigation.

It's hard to believe that a questionnaire can provide this level of insight, I compare it to a psychometric type of analysis which you may be more familiar with. I'm often amazed at how accurate these can be when all I've done is answered a few multiple choice questions.

Metabolic evaluation

This detailed evaluation will suggests food groups and ratios of macro nutrients which would be most suited to your metabolic type, takes guess work out of beginning your programme.  e.g.  You may be metabolically suited to having a diet that has higher or lower levels of carbohydrates.

Everyone has a slightly different metabolic makeup if you take 2 ends of the spectrum and contrast people who live in arctic regions and those that live around the Mediterranean.  Throughout the millions of years of human evolution and adaption those 2 different populations will have adapted different metabolic profiles.

Even with what might be considered similar ethnic backgrounds there can be big differences, it's why I need to eat more often than my wife, often she will say I can't believe you're hungry again.  You might know people that can eat a really poor diet but never seem to put on any fat.

This information is essential to fine tuning your diet so we can match your metabolic type with your nutritional requirements.

Personal Consultation

We'll then meet and have a consultation that will last for up to an hour. You can either visit me in London or we can use modern technology and meet over skype (free video conferencing)


I'll write up a report collating information from all 3 questionnaires and our personal consultation. We'll use this report as we make changes over the coming 6 months.

Months 2-5

Monthly consultations. We’ll touch base each month face to face or via skype to monitor your progress, resolve potential problems and set new targets and goals so you continue to improve.

Month 6

Consultation and Adrenal Test. The final adrenal test and symptom score sheets will show your progress over the last 6 months and where to look towards continued improvements. The initial consultation, review of questionnaires and detailed report and will be £420 followed by 5 payments of £100.

If you've got any questions then please e-mail me at